We we may not be saving civilization like the original dynamic duo of Batman and Robin, but like them we can handle a lot between the two of us. We both recognized early in our careers the value of being adept at many aspects of the production process so we took it upon ourselves to hone our skills not just as producers, but also as writers, cinematographers, sound recordists, and editors. And it’s paid off — we’ve earned multiple awards and film festival appearances for projects that could not have been done the traditional way.


As a production company, we’ve taken the best part of this indie ethic to create high-value videos that meet your business needs. We’re flexible, experienced, and really care about exceeding your expectations. Much of the time, we employ a small crew and pass on the price savings to you. But we’re no stranger to large crews: in this broadcast commercial, we had a crew of 10 and cast of 17 actors. We call it a privilege to help tell the stories of exceptional people and organizations around the world.




Executive Producer

In this business it pays to be able to wear a lot of hats and perhaps no one has taken this to heart more than Doug, who seems to fit more hats on his head than anyone. Doug began his career producing, shooting, writing, and editing for a PBS series on foreign policy issues. He went on to work at National Geographic Television & Film and developed into a highly respected director of photography for commercials, films, and broadcast television, earning Emmy, Telly, and Remi awards for his contributions.


In between he kept busy producing and editing his own projects, including two documentary films that earned film festival awards and achieved mainstream distribution via the Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and Hulu platforms. He also served as those film’s marketing and publicity guru, launching social media campaigns and designing promotional materials. 


Doug’s versatility gives us an edge in planning and execution. Because of his extensive experience with all facets of the production process, Doug is able to see simultaneously the big picture and the details. This helps us keep projects on schedule and within budget while encountering minimal hiccups along the way.



Executive Producer

In a industry where it is easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest gadgets, Steve continues to refine his grasp on perhaps the oldest film industry technology there is—storytelling. A natural communicator and people person, Steve easily forges strong relationships with clients and talent alike. One subject from a Z-Channel production was so delighted with her experience with Steve that she presented him with an Air Force Joint Service Achievement Medal. This trust Steve instills in others translates into stories with compelling emotional depth. 


Steve’s interest in people and their relationship to the planet extends across the globe. Fluent in four languages, Steve has produced films about a diverse range of cultures in more than 20 countries for distinguished international organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, and the Red Cross.


His pursuit of provocative human-interest and environmental stories led him to Cameroon where he produced a feature about a community involved in the most extreme marathon in the world. He later produced a second film profiling an historical event that could help pave they way toward solving global climate change. 



Denver video production company awards


Creative Concepting
Script Writing
Location Scouting
Art Direction
Set Design
Talent Search and Audition

Live Action Video
Studio Shoots
Location Shoots
Travel Shoots
Still Photography
Lighting & Grip
Audio Recording
Professional Wardrobe
Hair & Makeup

Voice Over Casting
Voice Over Recording
Video editing
2 & 3D Motion Design & Graphics
Music Scoring
Audio Edit
Sound Design
Color Correction


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