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Choosing a Nonprofit Video Subject: 6 Important Criteria

  • June 14, 2018
International Development Video Subject

By now you know that videos are a highly effective method for promoting your nonprofit organization or international development agency's message. But not any old video will do that. We have seen that audiences engage only when the quality of the video is high. The foundation of a quality nonprofit video is built upon the people the video focuses on, especially your primary subject. Choose wisely and you've got a big asset for your fundraising efforts. Choose poorly and you've got a video that is dead on arrival. When it comes to the latter, no matter how stellar the other elements of the video might be — graphics, cinematography, music — nothing is going to help overcome a weak subject. We recently completed a international…

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Recommended Documentary Film Viewing: “The Prison in Twelve Landscapes”

  • April 25, 2018

Documentaries seem to be less confined to rigid story structures than fiction films.  Without the ability to premeditate a script and shoot to it, documentary filmmakers must rely on available footage and what they have acquired along the path of story discovery. This often leads to creative and unusual storytelling techniques and structures. Such is the case with "The Prison in Twelve Landscapes," a documentary directed by Brett Story and released last month. Story describes the film as a non-fiction film "about the prison from places we least expect to find it." This includes a corporate environment, a forest fire, and a chess playing board in a park, among others. In each of these locations, Story seeks to uncover how mass incarceration has affected lives.…

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Emotional Storytelling for Your Real Estate Videos

  • April 12, 2018

What do people buy on? Hint: It's not price. It's emotion. This is why every car commercial appeals to you with big, bold shots about how sexy looking their car is, or the amazing adventures you could be having with it, or the exotic places you could be with it. But for some reason that's not what happens in residential luxury real estate videos. Why? Hint: It's not emotion. It's price. Residential real estate agents consistently shop for video production services based on price. What does this get you? Recently I had the opportunity to find out. We were contacted by a local residential real estate agent in Denver. She had a million dollar property that had been on the market for over a year…

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Our Process for Creating a Recruitment Video

  • December 12, 2017

This year we had the pleasure of working with FirstBank to create a recruitment video. FirstBank is a business based in Denver and is the second largest bank in Colorado. That's something most people might know. What most people may not know is that FirstBank is also one of the most charitable corporations in Colorado. They encourage staff to get involved with their community by providing them with paid leave to participate in events like Colorado Gives Day, or helping to clean up a community center, or helping out at a pet adoption event. That's a pretty nice perk. But it's just the tip of the iceberg for FirstBank. FirstBank recently remodeled their headquarters in Lakewood to include a full-size workout facility, game room, rooftop…

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A Different Kind of Real Estate Video

  • December 19, 2016

Real estate video production has come to by dominated by a singular style. Generally, there is a walkthrough, some aerial shots of the property, a little music, and perhaps some graphics with facts about the property and pricing.  This fall we were sought out by a former advertising executive living in Fort Collins, Colorado, who thought there was a better way to make real estate videos. She thought that a crucial component is being left out of real estate videos — emotion. People, she thinks, when looking for homes are not just interested in the price and the facts, but the feel of the property and, especially, its surroundings.  As a resident of southeastern Fort Collins, she has witnessed an explosion in homes in this…

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Nonprofit Video for Volunteers of America

  • December 16, 2016

We have a long history of producing high quality videos for nonprofits across the country and this year it has been our pleasure to add to our list of partners that are doing good for others, Volunteers of America. They first sought us out in June to produce a video about a home remodeling volunteer effort they were doing in collaboration with the Home Depot Foundation. The home belonged to Emmitt, a Korean War Veteran, and it was in dire need of updates to it's aging structure as well as to accommodate and aid his decreasing mobility. Emmitt was a hoot. You may view the final video here.   Nonprofit video produced by Z-Channel Films for Volunteers of America.   We enjoyed that opportunity to work…

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