We know that a video production is a significant expense for any company. But you’ve decided it’s time and you want a return on your investment. What sets us apart is we recognize a video will not do that alone. We know that to convert prospective new customers, your corporate visual brand needs a story and a strategy that gets it in front of your target audience. We know that effective video production is about delivering measurable business results.


Our most popular package of services. Also available individually.


Our 4-step Z-Star© package transform’s your corporate brand story from its existing state to an all-star level. In preparation, we script, stylize, and storyboard with your specific corporate goals in mind. Our videos are always on message because we define business outcomes before we ever pick up a camera.


We specialize in corporate videos that tell your brand story in two minutes or less. It lives on your website, becomes your YouTube channel trailer, and occupies center stage on your social media platforms.


Second, we produce testimonial videos that provide third-party validation about your value proposition. Third, we transform your current YouTube position with a brand-positive channel redesign. You’ll never look back at the days when your company had no corporate presence on the second most-popular website in the world. Fourth, we work with you for successful internet distribution, including social media positioning.


With our corporate, broadcast, and documentary production experience, we’ve distributed on every platform there is. We know what will work for you. Check out our case study. Then contact us for a free consultation.


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Video is more persuasive than any other form of media. If you don’t already have a corporate video that tells your brand story, you know you need it. This video greets prospective clients on your website. It brings exposure to your business via social media. It’s your two-minute elevator pitch and it has to be great. What do you do best? Why do your customers love you? These are the questions we explore with you to craft a video that will be successful in engaging your target audience. 


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You’ve worked hard to cultivate relationships with your clients. Why not let them speak to your potential customers? Many companies have recognized the power of third-party validators and are including written testimonials on their corporate websites. We go a step further by providing video endorsements, which are even more powerful persuasion pieces.


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Did you know YouTube is the second most-trafficked website globally? And did you know it is owned by Google? This means having a presence there is more crucial than ever for your search ranking. Additionally, YouTube provides free video hosting along with future-proof playback and easy sharing across all social media platforms. Pretty good deal, right? We think so. We perform a comprehensive audit of your YouTube presence and make the necessary improvements to professionalize your corporate brand.  


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A lot of corporate video production companies make a video, hand it over to you, and call it good. Not us. We provide a detailed roadmap to get your video exposure and, ultimately, new customers. Even if you already have a team working on this stuff, you’ll appreciate our experience working with major brands across the country.




“We hired Z-Channel Films to develop a brand video for our website. Before filming, they spent weeks getting to know our business, our industry, and our target audience. This time spent and the amount of detail that went into the pre-production process was invaluable. Z-Channel Films was then able to focus on our goals while highlighting key aspects of our company. The amazing camerawork was like what you see on television. It included beautiful aerial footage that showcased our work in a professional manner. The quality of our video is something you’d expect from a high-priced advertising agency and the price point fit into our budget. We didn’t have a YouTube Channel and Z-Channel Films created a professional channel for us and we couldn’t be happier with it. The package of our brand video, testimonials, new YouTube Channel and social media plan was a tremendous value and marketing asset for our company. We would definitely work with Z-Channel Films again and highly recommend their service.
—Teri Gonzalez, Conserve LandCare


“Wow. Working with Z-Channel Films goes way beyond a great experience. Incredibly gifted directors, editors, and filmmakers, yes. But those are just table stakes for Doug and Steve. They willingly invest their whole mind and spirit in a video project, resulting in a super-pro video production from start to finish. Even when you think your video project is great, just wait, they will insist on making it transformative.”
—Kara Verhoorn, Tell Me A Story


“Z-Channel Films has captured the spirit of Volunteers of America’s Denver events in their videos for us with unmatched professionalism, enthusiasm, and acute attention to detail. Their admirable, incredible expertise coupled with their kind personalities make working with them an absolute pleasure. We know we can trust them with capturing a masterful representation in a video of our organization and its mission time and again. It is a joy to know and work with them.”
—Alejandra Rosas, Volunteers of America


“Z-Channel Films made a fantastic video for us on a particularly tight deadline! Three weeks before our flagship event, on strong referrals by colleagues from the World Bank and IFC, we hired Z-Channel Films to direct, shoot, write, and edit a story about some of our work in West Africa. It was a challenging video assignment but ultimately, they delivered a video early and under budget. We were incredibly proud to feature the video for the Senegalese delegation at the World Bank Group Annual Meetings.”
—Laura Alonzo, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency


“We worked with Z-Channel Films to create a short video on AfroReggae, a .ORG Story, but what we got was much more. They are not only creative, but also their writing and story telling are outstanding. So in the end, what we got was an artistic and effective video piece on an amazing organization in Brazil.”
—Thuy LeDinh, Lending Solutions at Fiserv

A CASE STUDY:   corporate video production client


When Conserve LandCare contacted us, the firm had no videos or YouTube presence, and their new corporate website was going live in six weeks. The California firm was growing and wanted to project a more professional brand regionally to gain new business. We spent a lot of time with Conserve’s marketing director to translate business goals into style, script, and storyboards. This preparation paid off: When it came time to film in and around the Palm Springs area, our scripts were final and we were confident in our approach. Ultimately, Conserve LandCare opted for Z-Channel’s 4-step Z-Star© Package. In addition to their brand story, we produced corporate testimonial videos that are a powerful endorsement of their quality service; a full YouTube channel, and a detailed social media plan that leverages the potential of their new videos. For your free consultation, contact us.







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Our strength is the expertise we have across many different styles and types of video within the corporate realm. So no matter what your needs are, we are confident that we can provide you with the tone that is going to be best suited to your brand. Check out below the range of solutions we come up with for our clients. 


Life-saving medicine has a long journey to reach our pharmacy shelves. From research to development to trials to approval, the journey can be 20 years. FBR Media president approached us with the challenge of showing that journey in a traditional 60-second commercial video. We were up to the task because we know how to utilize visual storytelling to shrink time and connect with viewers on an emotional level in short period of time. For this video, we hired a 25-person crew and a talented motion graphic artist to help us achieve the vision FBR desired. The Telly Awards recognized us for a best directing award. 


Denver has no shortage of businesses passionate about helping their customers change their lives for the better. For the Urban Farm Company of Colorado, based in Boulder, that means empowering people to grow wholesome food right in their own backyard. We were approached by to create a video that captured the story of business founder Bryant Mason and COO Kylie Manson. To maintain the authenticity of their work, we chose to shoot the video on location in their own environment as they undergo many of their daily routines for seed growing. 


Like the Urban Farm Company above, Recbecca’s business, also based in Boulder,  is passionate about helping their customers live healthier lives. For them this means connecting people with the healthful power of botanical medicine. Their interest is first in the community, so not only do they sell herbs, but they also offer classes where the community can learn about the different applications of their products and how they can make their own medicine. When we scouted their shop for the video shoot, we found their passion to be practically oozing out of the walls. Their shop was a unique environment and we knew it would be the perfect environment to tell their story. Produced for 


Veteran advertising executive Kara Verhoorn of Tell Me A Story contacted us with an idea to do a different kind of residential real estate business video. Traditionally, real estate vidoes focus on the features, the layout, the price. Kara wanted to a video that focused instead on a story and emotions. She had tried out her idea with another company that wasn’t able to reach her expectations. Impressed with our portfolio, she reached out to us next to try again. Strong emotional storytelling is what we do best, so we accepted the challenge and got right to work. The collaboration with Kara ended up being a fantastic match and we are proud to have delivered a final video that fulfils her initial vision.


This video is part of a new campaign by the truSolar™ Working Group, a consortium of leading solar market participants and one of 15 commercial videos we made in the studio. TruSolar is corporation that is developing an industry-driven standard to screen and score risks for commercial solar projects. It promises to lower transaction costs and reduce project failures—and lead to a whole lot more solar, more quickly. Led by Distributed Sun and DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, truSolar’s founding member companies include ABB, ABM, Assurant, Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, Mosaic, PanelClaw, the Rocky Mountain Institute, SMA America, Standard & Poor’s, and Underwriter’s Laboratories. The Group is advised by the U.S. National Labs NREL and Sandia.


“Probiotic Pickleteers” — that’s what Osuke business founders Mara and Willow King call themselves. They started out making pickled things in their home kitchens and now that passion has grown to full-scale factory with several full-time employees. They wanted a video that captured that origin story and their love for creating food that gives back to the earth. Despite the extra help they now have, both are still actively involved the making of their products, such as kim chi. We wanted to set the video in their factory where we could witness them at work as they told us about their story. Produced for




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