In 2016 Denver and other Colorado-area residents gave more than $3 billion dollars to charity—that’s nearly 3% of household income. You are here because you know video can be a powerful tool for attracting some of that attention to your nonprofit. So how can we help with that?


Before relocating to Denver, we spent several years producing video content for nonprofits in the area with the largest concentration of chartible and social organizations—Washington, DC. DC is home to the national offices of many of country’s largest nonprofits. There we worked with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Human Rights Campaign, AARP, and ICANN. DC is also home the government’s largest chartible organizations where we continue to work with The World Bank, United Nations, and the IMF.


So when it comes to video for nonprofits, you might call us experts—and collaborators. You’ve got an idea or a vision or a need. Whatever it may be, we are available to help you best shape and articulate it in the form of a video that will accomplish your goals all while maintaining a smooth and easy working relationship.


When next year’s funding depends on this year’s impact, contact us to discuss how we can help tell your story.



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The Coal Creek chapter of Meals On Wheels, based in Lafayette, CO, recently gained a new director who had utilized the power of video for her previous organization. She wanted to bring that power to the fundraising efforts of her Meals On Wheels chapter, which relies on donations to provide meals for the elderly and disabled. When she found us she found a video production company she thought could deliver on her expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with her and presented her with a final video that exceeded those expectations.


“The process was seamless. Z-Channel’s creative director Doug Gritzmacher was so flexible and accommodating and we couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product.” — Sheena Sullivan, Director, Coal Creek Meals on Wheels.



Down in Laguna Beach, CA, four women are redefining what it means to be “over-the-hill.” Over 50, they certainly quality for being over the hill, but you’ll only catch them doing so on a skateboard. Meet Skateboard Mom and the Sisters of Shred. We produced this video for nonprofit AARP, which started creating mini-docs about members who are doing inspiring things with their lives post 50. The story and film was picked up by ESPNw and the film has 3.5 million Facebook views and half a million Youtube views.


Since Roxanne founded the California branch of The Initiative, she’s led efforts to pick up used drug needles around the Mission District. Not just once in a while. But every week for four years. At last count: about 200 trips and about 7,000 needles off the streets. That’s not all. About once a month, the group hosts a pop-up Street Boutique. They dress up as superheroes for fun and to attract attention to their good deeds. Then they hang up all the clothes on mobile racks so people can consider options in a dignified manner. Our video story about Roxanne for nonprofit AARP has generated 1.7 millions views on Facebook and half a million views on Youtube.


This is a video story of hope amidst crisis. The Syrian civil war has sent more than 1 million refugees into neighboring Lebanon. Less than an hour from the border lives Rabih, a struggling fisherman whose meager profits go to leasing a boat. When a microfinance organization comes to town, extending loans to Lebanon’s rural entrepreneurs for the first time, Rabih is able to buy a boat, build his business, and better support his family. Rabih’s transformation would not have happened without a U.S. Government nonprofit program (USAID) called Lebanon Investment in Microfinance (2009-2015), which awarded almost $10 million in competitive grants to 9 microfinance nonprofit organizations. These institutions, in turn, made nearly 15,000 micro-loans—including this one for a fisherman named Rabih—totaling more than $30 million.


The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is a nonprofit that survives on fundraisers and the generosity of donors. Most of the money they raise goes toward CF research. When they first started, in the 1980s, the average lifespan of a person with CF was 14 years. Today it’s 35. You don’t survive as an organization for 30 years and engender that kind of success without doing something right, and for the CF Foundation that is having perfected the art of fundraising. The CF Foundation commissioned us to create videos of their annual golf charity event headlined by comedian Lewis Black. 


Nonprofits VOA and the Home Depot Foundation have been partnering together since 2011 to fund housing projects for veterans and their families. Their latest project took them to the Denver home of a Korean War veteran whose home was in desperate need of improvements. VOA sought the help of Z-Channel Films to create a video of the joint effort and capture the lively spirit of veteran Emmitt Searuggs.


Dewayne (above) had been recently arrested for the illegal possession of a firearm. Combined with the legacy of some poor choices he made in his past, Dewayne was facing five years of prison time. Despite the firearm incident, Dewayne had been working hard to turn his life around. He became an entry-level boxer and was working toward becoming a professional trainer with the goal of one day owning his own gym. Z-Channel Films was commissioned by the public defender’s office to create a short video documentary highlighting Dewayne’s straight-and-narrow work ethic to be shown to the judge on his trial date. Happily, the video helped reduce Dewayne’s sentence down to six months.


ICANN is a nonprofit organization responsible for managing and coordinating all Internet addressing and domain names. They hold three international meetings a year. Z-Channel Films was commissioned to create same-day highlight vidoes of many of the events that take place during each meeting and are then posted to ICANN’s website. This video is of the gala dinner held during the meeting in San Jose, Costa Rica.


ASPPH is a nonprofit that is the voice of accredited public health education, representing member schools and programs accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health, an independent agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Deputy Executive Director Allison Foster was scheduled to give a presentation on why it is important for members working in public health to become certified. She thought a video containing testimonies of those who had become certified would engage her listeners best, so she turned to Z-Channel Films to produce this video.


The CF Foundation commissioned us to create a series of films to aid new employees with learning their fundraising strategies.




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