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By Doug Gritzmacher

Creative Director, Z-Channel Films, Denver, Colorado Google+

We had the pleasure this weekend to premiere our latest documentary feature film, “Jobs for G.I.’s” for the Denver community. We produced the film for DirecTV/AT&T in 2015 and after a year of intense work  it was nice to be able to finally show it off to my friends and colleagues. I held the screening at my studio space in Denver’s RiNo Arts District. It’s a home base I share with a number of other fantastic artists and creative people.

I’m pleased to say the film was received very well. Many attendees commented on how they connected with our five characters on a deep level. Others loved the aerial shots of L.A. and others were impressed with the quality of the storytelling.

“GIJobs”, a documentary feature film produced for DirecTV by Z-Channel Films.

Unlike many other art forms, it takes a community to create a documentary. And while we shot the film in and around Los Angeles, we had the help from several people in Colorado. This included a group of about 15 people who volunteered their time to attend a rough cut screening. Their helpful insights and feedback contributed to making the film a success. We also worked with Coupe Studios in Boulder. The sound artists there lent their talents to the film’s sound mixing. We are grateful for everyone’s contribution to this project. We could not have done it without you.

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