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Documentary filmmakers wear more hats than ever before. It’s not enough to direct and produce. It helps to shoot, run your own audio, write, and edit. Oh, and can you color correct and devise your own digital distribution campaign, too?

Our answer? We got that. We’ve donned just about every hat imaginable over our 15+ years of producing documentary films. Our efforts have led to films produced for and distributed through some of the top names in documentary—PBS, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and DirecTV—and inclusion at numerous film festivals where we have won several awards. So whether you have a feature or short documentary project, we can help get your project  done and distributed. 



An ethnographic sports drama on a live volcano. An environmental film contrasting ozone hole action with climate change inaction. A social documentary following five Americans exiting the armed forces. A living memorial deep in rural Oklahoma. These are the topics of four documentaries that taught us lessons about empathy, technique, and budgets—and the resilience, vision, and work it takes to finish a documentary.

“Doing a documentary is about discovering, being open, learning, and following curiosity.”

-Spike Jonze



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