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I came from a documentary film and television background, where I have worked as a freelance cinematographer on everything from broadcast commercials, to award-winning feature films, to National Geographic shows. I learned from and worked side-by-side with some of the best filmmaking talent in our country. Some of that must have rubbed off on me because along the way I’m proud to have earned an Emmy Award, Remi Award, and Telly Award for my work.

In between my shooting assignments I began creating my own films, which provided me with an opportunity to oversee and do all aspects of the filmmaking process. These films went on to earn several “best of” film festival awards and be acquired by Netflix and DirecTV. Through those experiences I found that I loved—and excelled at—producing, directing, and editing just as much as I did at shooting.


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Stories are what move viewers to feel and act. No amount of video production gadgetry can do that alone.


In 2013 I founded my own shop, Z-Channel Films, so I could continue to make films and help clients like you meet and exceed their goals with video.

I do that by focusing on the oldest filmmaking technology there is—storytelling. Strong stories are what move viewers to feel and act. No amount high-tech video production gagedtry can do that alone. Whether it’s AARP or FirstBank, or a local law firm, my videos have attracted a level of positive attention from my client’s target audiences that clients tell me far surpasses that of any video made for them prior.

There’s a lot that goes into pulling off a successful video. For me, it’s an art form with a multidisciplinary nature that I embrace, excel at, and have been mastering and perfecting for 20 years. So by choosing me for your video project you would be getting a partner who will give your video the same kind of care and attention as something I might create for The Disocery Channel, Netflix, or a film festival.


Hidden in plain sight 15 miles north of the White House is a world-class kayaker’s paradise. The rapids on the Potomac River attract Olympic champions and enthusiastic locals alike. Earlier in my career when I lived in Washington, DC, I spent my days working hard to satisfy the demanding expectations of some of the nation’s most celebrated broadcasters and documentary film producers. But no matter how tired I was at the end of the day or week, I still escaped with my kayak.

Entry into my favorite run on the river was via a connector—called “Z-Channel.



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Great storytelling involves being in the flow for both creator and consumer. Senses are heightened, engagement is singular, and rich memories are created.


As I zig-zagged down that channel from civilization to wilderness, the sounds of the city receded. To pilot a kayak down whitewater, you have to not only be able to read the flow of the river but also be in the flow, ready to react to ever-changing conditions and obstacles.

Over time, that run became such a big part of my life that when I founded this company I didn’t have to think twice about a name.

Great storytelling involves being in the flow for both the creator and the consumer. Like kayaking, it’s a unique life experience where reality fades into the background and all that matters is what is happening in the present. Senses are heightened, engagement is singular, and rich memories are created.

I attribute my success in the film industry to my ability to create this experience for others via film and video. 

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey through Z-Channel. Now, how can I help tell your story?

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