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It’s a privilege for us to be able to tell great stories of people and organizations around the world.

The photo above was taken after a shoot on the beach of a military base for a feature documentary film we produced for DirecTV. For more than 20 years we have refined our storytelling skills through award-winning documentary films distributed on DirecTV, Netflix, and PBS, and through docu-series broadcast on major media networks like The National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel.


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We use our storytelling experience to help brands, corporations, and nonprofits advance their goals.


Today, we continue to make films while using our storytelling skills to help brands, corporations, and nonprofits advance their goals. Videos with strong storytelling draw people into the story’s time and space where they temporarily lose their awareness of the outside world. Scientists call this being in the “flow.”

Flow leads to a heightened sense of awareness, engagement, and satisfaction. A viewer in this state is more likely to respond to a corporation’s message or product, or a nonprofit’s funding needs.

Because of this, video has proven to be a valuable tool for organizations wishing to break through today’s media onslaught and gain the attention and loyalty of customers and funders.

How can we help tell your story?


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A letter from Z-Channel Films founder Doug Gritzmacher

Hidden in plain sight 15 miles north of the White House is a world-class kayaker’s paradise. The rapids on the Potomac River attract Olympic champions and enthusiastic locals alike. Earlier in my career when I lived in Washington, DC, I spent my days working hard to satisfy the demanding expectations of some of the nation’s most celebrated broadcasters and documentary film producers. But no matter how tired I was at the end of the day or week, I still escaped with my kayak.

Entry into my favorite run on the river was via a connector—called “Z-Channel.

As I zig-zagged down that channel from civilization to wilderness, the sounds of the city receded. To pilot a kayak down whitewater, you have to not only be able to read the flow of the river but also be in the flow, ready to react to ever-changing conditions and obstacles.

Over time, that run became such a big part of my life that when I founded this company I didn’t have to think twice about a name.

Great storytelling involves being in the flow for both the creator and the consumer. Like kayaking, it’s a unique life experience where reality fades into the background and all that matters is what is happening in the present. Senses are heightened, engagement is singular, and rich, pleasurable memories are created.

I attribute my success in the film industry to my ability to create this experience for others via film. It’s an ability that Steve and I discovered we shared while collaborating on each other’s documentary films. When I went in search of a partner at the outset of this video production company, I didn’t have to look far.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey through Z-Channel. We hope to work with you soon.

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