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Kayaking doesn’t encourage lone wolves—we rely on each other for safety, to scout for hazards, and make decisions about the best lines to take. Likewise, video production is a joint undertaking. When you come to us, you bring knowledge of your customers’ personas, the decisions you want them to make, and how your organization’s story can help drive those goals. We bring our creative and technical expertise, build trust, and craft a plan together for success.



Courage in kayaking isn’t some adrenaline-fueled mad rush, but rather a persistent drive to explore increasingly trickier lines and navigate them safely. Likewise, making successful videos is about ambition, preparation, and execution. It is the mental strength to persevere. Other video production companies may have one style, or lean excessively on templates and shortcuts. Here at Z-Channel we have the courage to forge new creative paths. For us, it’s about what’s going to be the best solution for your goals. Courage is the inclination to create unique videos, because we know it will help you stand out from the crowd.



In kayaking, confidence comes from a knowledge that your own skills are adequate and you understand the task at hand. Even Olympic-level kayakers study their intended routes in advance. Likewise, Steve and I have 40 years of combined experience working for some of the best media organizations in the world and have won top industry awards for our work. With that validation and training behind us, we still know we need to understand your company and its goals well. That gives us the confidence to devise and execute creative, novel videos that exceed your wildest expectations.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey through Z-Channel. I hope to work together soon.

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Z-Channel Films Denver Video Production CEO Doug Gritzmacher


In this business it pays to be able to wear a lot of hats and few people have taken this to heart more than Doug, who seems to fit more hats on his head than anyone. Doug began his career producing, shooting, writing, and editing for a PBS series on foreign policy issues. He moved on to National Geographic Television & Film and developed into a highly respected cinematographer for commercials, films, and television, earning multiple awards for his contributions.

In between he produced and edited his own projects, including two documentary films that earned film festival awards and achieved mainstream distribution via Netflix, DirecTV, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, and Video On Demand. He also served as those film’s marketing and publicity guru, launching social media campaigns and designing promotional materials.

Doug’s versatility gives us an edge in planning and execution. Because of his extensive experience with all facets of the production process, Doug is able to see simultaneously the big picture and the details. This keeps projects on schedule and within budget while encountering minimal hiccups along the way.


In a industry where it is easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest gadgets, Steve continues to refine his grasp on perhaps the oldest film industry technology there is—storytelling. A natural communicator and people person, Steve easily forges strong relationships with clients and talent alike.

One subject from a Z-Channel production was so delighted with her experience with Steve that she presented him with an Air Force Joint Service Achievement Medal. This trust Steve instills in others translates into stories with compelling emotional depth.

Steve’s interest in people and their relationship to the planet extends across the globe. Steve has produced films in more than 20 countries for distinguished international organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, and the Red Cross.

His pursuit of compelling human-interest stories led him to Cameroon where he produced a feature about a community involved in the most extreme marathon in the world. He later directed a second film profiling an historical event that could help inform a way forward in solving global climate change.


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