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How This Nonprofit is Using Video to Fundraise

  • December 21, 2018

In our Nonprofit Fundraising Insights series, we interview senior nonprofit fundraising executives to learn more about how they use video production to connect with donors and power their programs. We recently caught up with Kirsten Jasna, the senior director of Annual Giving and Donor Relations at Braille Institute, a Los Angeles nonprofit that provides a myriad of free services for the blind and visually impaired. Shortly after taking over the position she reached out to us this year to produce a pair of nonprofit fundraising videos to kick off the organization’s 100th anniversary campaign.   INTERVIEW WITH NONPROFIT EXECUTIVE KIRSTEN JASNA: You spent over 15 years in New Mexico fundraising in higher education and at the Museum of New Mexico. How did you first come to video…

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Why a RED Video Production Camera is a Red Flag

  • December 17, 2018
Video Production Camera With Red Flag

We've noticed several Denver video production companies advertising their video production gear, commonly citing the RED camera. I suspect that's because those video production companies want impress potential clients. What they're doing is quite the opposite—sending up a red flag that should give potential clients pause. In 2007 a talented cinematographer (and admitted camera geek) invited me and other video production professionals to his video production studio to get a first look at a new camera he had purchased. That new camera was a RED One. It’s not prestige you’re getting, it’s overhead. We had heard the rumors about this camera for a while and were eager to get our fingers on its buttons. In the span of my 20-year career, no other piece of production gear has spawned as…

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Trends in Corporate Video Production

  • December 14, 2018

As 2018 closes, we take a look at the trends that have emerged in corporate video production over the past year. What's hot? Which corporate video trends are going to continue to grow for 2019? Keep reading to find out.  Live Video Streaming By April 2016, Facebook had enabled live video streaming across all devices. Corporations have been steadily adding it to their marketing repertoire since to the point where now, in a recent survey, respondents in the business community said that live video is a significant part of their corporate marketing efforts, both now and in the future. A whopping 95 percent of the business groups surveyed said that they plan to use live video streaming for their business by the end of 2019.…

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Corporate Video Strategy for 2019

  • December 4, 2018
Corporate Video

2019 is right around the corner. Have you thought about your corporate video strategy moving forward into the new year? If you haven’t, it’s not too late. So, while the weather is truly frightful, why not start thinking about new corporate video productions and marketing strategies to help your business leap forward into the new year? We have some suggestions for making your business boom via corporate video productions.   Introduction It's 2019 and if 2018 showed us anything, it's that video marketing is absolutely essential for your business. Of course, it’s not the only marketing strategy you have, but it is increasingly becoming vital for business branding and product branding. Companies are finding success when they are able to use video in different areas…

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What is the Difference Between a Corporate Video and a Marketing Video?

  • November 12, 2018
Marketing Video Production

If you are operating a business, and you need to make a video, you may think that all videos made for business are the same. However, their are significant differences in the types of videos made for businesses and you need to be sure that the video you get is going to do the job you need. Not sure what kind of video that would be? Keep reading to learn more about the difference between the two major types of videos for businesses—the corporate video and a the marketing video.   What is a Corporate Video? Corporate videos are intended to sell or describe a company, without describing a particular product. Corporate videos describe the history of the company. They also describe a company’s mission…

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How to Create a Story for a Documentary Film

  • October 24, 2018
Video Production Documentary Film Story On Whiteboard With Sticky Notes

I recently wrapped up production on a feature documentary called, "They Care They've Earned." I've worn a lot of hats with my previous films, right down to "movie poster designer," but this one was different. Instead of 10-15 hats, I wore only two—editor and co-writer. Both are services we offer as part of our documentary film services at our company, Z-Channel Films. Thanks to technological advances, lower-priced video production equipment, and an increased array of distribution platforms, more and more documentaries are being produced every year. And the directors of many of those films are finding themselves in the same position I found myself in after completing principle shooting on my first documentary—namely, now what? For me, I was staring at 160 hours of footage with…

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