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Corporate Video Strategy For 2019

Corporate Video Strategy for 2019


By Stephanie Clarke

2019 is right around the corner. Have you thought about your corporate video strategy moving forward into the new year? If you haven’t, it’s not too late. So, while the weather is truly frightful, why not start thinking about new corporate video productions and marketing strategies to help your business leap forward into the new year? We have some suggestions for making your business boom via corporate video productions.



It’s 2019 and if 2018 showed us anything, it’s that video marketing is absolutely essential for your business. Of course, it’s not the only marketing strategy you have, but it is increasingly becoming vital for business branding and product branding. Companies are finding success when they are able to use video in different areas of their marketing outreach—from social media feeds to sales meetings to customer sales and relations. To establish your company’s greatness, you need a strategy.

Do Your Research

Before you can even begin to contact a corporate video production company, you need to do some research first. Take a look at who your audience for your corporate video will be. You also need to research industry trends, and make sure you’re out in front of them. Also, take a look at what your future products and services will be and who they will be marketed to, because this will affect your marketing strategy going forward.

Think about your content marketing, and how you are using it to reach customers. If it is effective, then you may just need to add corporate videos to your strategy. If you think your content marketing strategy could use some work, think about how corporate videos could be a part of a new campaign for products and services.

You Need a Plan

Now that you have done some research, you will need to think about how you want to use what you have learned to create an image (or images) in the customer’s mind. While you don’t have to have all the answers up front (part of that work will come from your corporate video production company), it is a good idea to have some drawings or an outline of what you think your company needs. The outline might include such items as your overarching goal for the campaign, sections or topics you might want to cover in your video, and who your video needs to be directed at. For example, a how-to video on a new product you are launching is going to help your client get the most out of your product, so the video will be instructional in nature. However, a new product blitz for sales is going to look very different, because you are selling the benefits of a particular product over other products in the marketplace.

There are a couple of other steps for the planning stage you may want to include in your outline for a corporate video production. First, where will the video be used? Social media videos generally have a different vibe than those videos on a corporate website. You may want to think about which social media platforms your clients are most likely to use. A Snapchat video has a much shorter duration as well as a different audience than Facebook does. Second, how often are you going to use the video or will there be more than one video? Repetition of videos may affect how long your videos should be. You also need to be aware of these factors for content purposes.


Time to Think About Production

Once you have given thought to who your videos are for, and what you want them for, you need to think about production. If you are a smaller business you may look to self-produce your videos, but a word of caution—the quality of your video can affect how your customers perceive your brand. You may have a truly outstanding product or service to offer, but if your video showcasing it feels amateur, so will what you are trying to sell. So we encourage you to make the investment in seeking out professional video production services with experience in corporate video production.

Additionally, a corporate production company will be able to make suggestions for you and your products or services that you might not have thought of. For example, the company may be able to help you strategize a series of videos to highlight features of your company’s offerings that you would have never thought to put together. In addition, a professional production company may have some additional ideas for your campaign as a whole, such as social media blasts, or placement on your webpage.

Think about how you want your company to be considered going into 2019. Do you want to be on the forefront of marketing for your products or services? If so, you need to start planning now before those bowl games are over.

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