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Emotional Storytelling for Your Real Estate Videos

  • April 12, 2018

What do people buy on? Hint: It's not price. It's emotion. This is why every car commercial appeals to you with big, bold shots about how sexy looking their car is, or the amazing adventures you could be having with it, or the exotic places you could be with it. But for some reason that's not what happens in residential luxury real estate videos. Why? Hint: It's not emotion. It's price. Residential real estate agents consistently shop for video production services based on price. What does this get you? Recently I had the opportunity to find out. We were contacted by a local residential real estate agent in Denver. She had a million dollar property that had been on the market for over a year…

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A Different Kind of Real Estate Video

  • December 19, 2016

Real estate video production has come to by dominated by a singular style. Generally, there is a walkthrough, some aerial shots of the property, a little music, and perhaps some graphics with facts about the property and pricing.  This fall we were sought out by a former advertising executive living in Fort Collins, Colorado, who thought there was a better way to make real estate videos. She thought that a crucial component is being left out of real estate videos — emotion. People, she thinks, when looking for homes are not just interested in the price and the facts, but the feel of the property and, especially, its surroundings.  As a resident of southeastern Fort Collins, she has witnessed an explosion in homes in this…

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New Partnership for Commercial Real Estate Video Production

  • October 14, 2016
Drone And UAS And UAV Flying Company For Commercial Real Estate

We are pleased to announce that we have just entered a partnership with Uplift Data Partners to be their exclusive provider of high-end commercial real estate video production. Z-Channel Films will provide drone video production locally in Colorado and also serve as the post-production team for any commercial real estate videos shot outside our region. Uplift Date Partners, based in Chicago, is an exciting entry into the drone/UAS industry. They were founded in part by a worldwide construction and real estate development company that was looking for a solution to drone flying and all the safety and legal requirements that come with it. Borne out of that need is Uplift, whose mission is to help other organizations with flying drones safely. They aim to strengthen the relationship…

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Commercial Real Estate Shoot in Centennial

  • October 6, 2016

Another commercial real estate video is in the books! We created this one for CBRE, a worldwide provider of real estate services. The property is Inova One at Dry Creek, which lies just off I-25 about 20 minutes south of Denver. Adolfson & Peterson Construction is the general contractor and in progress with their work to complete construction. The 650,000 square foot facility will be the home to Comcast and include a 285-unit apartment complex. Z-Channel Films Creative Director Doug Gritzmacher on location in south Denver for a commercial real estate shoot. Pictured with a father and son drone team.   Our usual go-to drone and UAV crew was unavailable so we had the pleasure of working with the talented folks of Ineality, a drone operation crew based…

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The New FAA Part 107 Drone/UAS/UAV RULE — What Changed?

  • September 14, 2016
Dji Inspire 1 Drone Tav For Commercial Real Estate Videography

In August, the FAA adjusted their rules and regulations for UAV operators operating their drones for commercial purposes (see our discussion of those rules here). Many have thought the FAA's existing rules for professional aerial videography were confusing and excessive, specifically the requirement than a drone operator was a certified Part 61 pilot, as in for airplanes. It seems the FAA has recognized the immense interest in and application of UAVs, so kudos to them for making some changes. In fact, CNN recently reported that they are in the works with manufactures to create a drone suitable for live new broadcasting. Between that news and Amazon's well-known interest in using drones as a delivery services, the opportunities for commercial drone operation are bound to only increase.…

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The FAA UAV/Drone Rules and Regulations Explained

  • May 2, 2016
Jonathan Gruber Of Elite Air Productions

In January 2013, the Chinese company DJI released an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone) they called the Phantom 1 that was equipped with a GoPro camera and along with it launched a movement: For the first time filmmakers had the ability to capture aerial video for an affordable price. The production value aerial video can add to a production is massive so it is no surprise that inexpensive unmanned aerial vehicles like the Phantom series have become all the rage in the last few years. Here at Z-Channel Films we have used aerial videography is a few of our productions. For the documentary feature film we produced for DirecTV, “Jobs for G.I.s,” we integrated aerial video of Los Angeles captured with a DJI Phantom…

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