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Video Production Can Give Back to the Community, Too.

  • June 12, 2020

I'm one of those people who sits through the credits at the end of movies, often to the annoyance of friends and dates. Sometimes I know people in the credits (hey, look, there's Brian Buckley in the DC unit!). Other times I really like the…

How Can Humor Help With Your Video Message?

  • May 14, 2019

We had the pleasure of producing several videos for the Eley Law Firm, which focuses on worker's compensation rights here in Denver. One of those videos was a 60 second commercial. Commercials are a little different than the other types of videos we create. They…

Drone Videography At Sunset

The Ultimate Videography Guide to Getting Great Shots with Your Drone

  • February 16, 2019

We first started incorporating drone video into our productions in 2015. That year we were producing a feature documentary film for DirecTV. The film took place in Los Angeles where the subjects for our film were scattered all across the city. The more we dove…

Video Production Camera With Red Flag

Why a RED Video Production Camera is a Red Flag

  • December 17, 2018

We've noticed several Denver video production companies advertising their video production gear, commonly citing the RED camera. I suspect that's because those video production companies want impress potential clients. What they're doing is quite the opposite—sending up a red flag that should give potential clients pause. In…

Trends in Corporate Video Production

  • December 14, 2018

As 2018 closes, we take a look at the trends that have emerged in corporate video production over the past year. What's hot? Which corporate video trends are going to continue to grow for 2019? Keep reading to find out.  Live Video Streaming By April…

Corporate Video

Corporate Video Production Strategy for 2019

  • December 4, 2018

2019 is right around the corner. Have you thought about your corporate video strategy moving forward into the new year? If you haven’t, it’s not too late. So, while the weather is truly frightful, why not start thinking about new corporate video productions and marketing…

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