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Why a RED Video Production Camera is a Red Flag

  • September 17, 2018
Video Production Camera With Red Flag

We've noticed several Denver video production companies advertising their video production gear, commonly citing the RED camera. I suspect that's because those video production companies want impress potential clients. What they're doing is quite the opposite—sending up a red flag that should give potential clients pause. In 2007 a talented cinematographer (and admitted camera geek) invited me and other video production professionals to his video production studio to get a first look at a new camera he had purchased. That new camera was a RED One. It’s not prestige you’re getting, it’s overhead. We had heard the rumors about this camera for a while and were eager to get our fingers on its buttons. In the span of my 20-year career, no other piece of production gear has spawned as…

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Our Process for Creating a Corporate Recruitment Video

  • December 12, 2017

This year we had the pleasure of working with FirstBank to create a recruitment video. FirstBank is a business based in Denver and is the second largest bank in Colorado. That's something most people might know. What most people may not know is that FirstBank is also one of the most charitable corporations in Colorado. They encourage staff to get involved with their community by providing them with paid leave to participate in events like Colorado Gives Day, or helping to clean up a community center, or helping out at a pet adoption event. That's a pretty nice perk. But it's just the tip of the iceberg for FirstBank. FirstBank recently remodeled their headquarters in Lakewood to include a full-size workout facility, game room, rooftop…

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Corporate Video Production for Homesteading Startup

  • April 25, 2016

Recently Denver magazine “5280” published a big spread on the urban homesteading movement in Denver. Included in the piece was a mention of a new start-up,, which, as they describe, is like but for urban agriculture. In 2014 we began to work with Hatchlab’s founder, Mara Rose, to produce her company’s corporate video production content. To date, we've produced four videos for her, including this video above that introduces the duo who will demonstrate seed starting. They are founders of the Boulder-based Urban Farm Co. During our initial discussions with Mrs. Rose, we had suggested including a vignette like the one above about the people who will be doing the demonstration with the idea that this would add value and reveal the demonstrators to be experts and knowledgeable, in other words, people a viewer would…

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  • September 28, 2014

“Saving Sally”, a 30-second broadcast TV commercial we produced in 2013, took home a Telly Award for best directing. We're proud of the achievement because it was a challenging story to tell — 30 seconds to make an emotional impact about the journey of medication from idea conception to end delivery to the patient. Our client was very happy with our solution and we're pleased to be recognized for our work.

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  • July 11, 2014
Marketing On Facebook Word Cloud

You’ll find a lot of chatter these days among marketing blogs proclaiming that marketing on Facebook is dead. From our experience, we can understand the sentiment, but we think marketing on Facebook should still be an important part of any film marketing plan for documentary film production. But first, why all the doom and gloom about Facebook? Much of the frustration marketers run into on Facebook centers around how it handles posts. Let’s say your film has 15,000 “likes”. These “likes” represent your fan base. You worked very hard to build this fan base and did everything you’re supposed to do: you made posts during the production of your film, posted behind-the-scenes photos, and made posts about news and events relative to the subject of…

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