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By Doug Gritzmacher

Creative Director, Z-Channel Films, Denver, Colorado Google+

I’m honored to report that I received the “Joint Service Achievement Medal” for my work making the documentary film “Jobs for G.I.s,” which Z-Channel Film produced for DirecTV.

The award reads: “While in collaboration with DirecTV and working alongside Denver Producer and Director Doug Gritzmacher of Z-Channel Films, Director Dorst’s keen perspective was instrumental in capturing and melding the stories of five veterans from the services of the Army, Air Force, Navy and the Marines. His technical skills proved to be essential as he witnessed the realities most veterans face transitioning from military service to the civilian workplace.”

“GIJobs”, a documentary feature film produced for DirecTV by Z-Channel Films.

It concludes with “The distinctive accomplishments of Director Dorst reflect credit upon himself, Z-Channel Films, DirecTV and the veterans of the United States of America.”

Here are some organizations that Doug and I spent time with during our Los Angeles-based production of “Jobs for G.I.s.”

Vet Hunters
Salvation Army Haven
JVS Los Angeles
USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families (CIR)
National Veterans Foundation
Weingart Center
Veterans in Film and TV
Silhouettes for Vets
New Directions 
Goodwill Veterans Employment Program
Operation PAVE (Paralyzed Veterans of America)
LA County Dept of Military and Vet Affairs 
Got Your 6


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