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A Different Kind of Real Estate Video


By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Video Production

Real estate video production has come to by dominated by a singular style. Generally, there is a walkthrough, some aerial shots of the property, a little music, and perhaps some graphics with facts about the property and pricing. 

This fall our video production agency was sought out by a former advertising executive living in Fort Collins, Colorado, who thought there was a better way to make real estate videos. She thought that a crucial component is being left out of real estate videos — emotion. People, she thinks, when looking for homes are not just interested in the price and the facts, but the feel of the property and, especially, its surroundings. 

As a resident of southeastern Fort Collins, she has witnessed an explosion in homes in this part of the city. There are now several neighorhoods, all with their own distinct feel, character, and elements that make those neighborhoods unique. In one neighborhood, called Observatory Village, an actual observatory sits at the center of the neighborhood.

What ties all these neighborhoods together is the outstanding school system. For families, the area was a natural magnet. But many of these important attributes as well as the emotional experience of living in this area would be left out of a traditional real estate video. 

She had tried another production company earlier that came up short in bringing her idea to life. She contacted us next. Emotional storytelling is our strength, so we eagerly took on the challenge. 

The resulting video, produced for northern Colorado realtor Martine Bonhoure is above and one we are both proud of. Our client is so pleased with the result that she recently left this review for us on Google. 


“Wow. Working with Doug and his team goes way beyond a great experience. An incredibly gifted director, editor, and filmmaker, yes. But those are just table stakes for Doug. Doug willingly invests his whole mind and spirit in a project, resulting in a super-pro production from start to finish. Even when you think your project is great, just wait. Doug will insist on making it transformative.”

— Kara Veerhorn, Producer/Writer, Coldwell Banker campaign video



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