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New Fundraising Video For Denver’s Caruso Family Charities


By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Video Production

We recently completed our second video for Caruso Family Charities, a nonprofit organization based in Denver. The charity is founded and operated by Jerry Caruso and his daughter Andrea. They aid families of sick children with a particular focus on the parents on the siblings of those children.

We first met them in early spring last year. They needed a video that showed how their work impacts families that they could show to prospective donors . I noticed right away that Jerry and Andrea were especially passionate about the work they do. I also thought that the documentary film style we excel at would be a perfect fit for what they were trying to convey.

They had a family in Longmont with sick child they were about to visit and intending on giving the mother a check to cover her rent for a year. I proposed we shoot that with our crew documenting the visit and donation in real time. The resulting video turned out great and they have been using it ever since to raise money from donors.

This year they have a fundraising event in May. They asked if we could create a new video that they could show to attendees. The project they were interested in documenting was their largest yet — donating a home to a family with a boy with aplastic anemia. The boy had been under the care of Denver’s Children’s Hospital for six years. He was finally well enough to be able to leave the hospital and live with his family in a home. For those six years, the family had been living in a temporary housing facility provided by Brent’s Place. They did not have a home of their own to move into or the means to purchase one.

I was happy to take on the project and proposed the same style we used before that had worked so well. Andrea and Jerry had already purchased the home, but they had a few dates coming up where they were going to clean up the home and decorate it with the help of friends. Our crew covered this activity over the course of two shooting days. Our third shooting day was the big reveal to the family, who had no idea what to expect. Check out the video to their very emotional home welcoming.


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