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New Partnership For Commercial Real Estate Video Production

New Partnership for Commercial Real Estate Video Production


By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Video Production

We are pleased to announce that we have just entered a partnership with Uplift Data Partners (now Precision Hawk) to be their exclusive provider of high-end commercial real estate video production. Z-Channel Films will provide drone video production locally in Colorado and also serve as the post-production team for any commercial real estate videos shot outside our region.

Uplift Date Partners, based in Chicago, is an exciting entry into the drone/UAS industry. They were founded in part by a worldwide construction and real estate development company that was looking for a solution to drone flying and all the safety and legal requirements that come with it. Borne out of that need is Uplift, whose mission is to help other organizations with flying drones safely. They aim to strengthen the relationship between people and technology and advance drone technology for the betterment of society.

They offer drone services for several applications across a wide array of industries, including broadcast news, disaster relief missions, and construction sites.

They also serve the commercial real estate industry, where video is fast becoming an important element to a successful commercial real estate listing. Recognizing that their strength was in flying and advancing drone technology, they sought to partner with an outside video production company to produce commercial real estate videos. They found Z-Channel Films and were impressed with our portfolio. We collaborted on a few projects together over the summer, including for CBRE, a worldwide commercial real estate services organization, and developed a successful working relationship. This month we decided to make it official.

The demand for commercial real estate video is growing rapidly. We recognized this but more importantly we noticed the quality lacking in a lot of the videos being produced and thought there might be an opportunity for us to bring a higher standard to the industry. We appreciate that Uplift has recognized the high level of quality we bring to commercial real estate video production and are pleased they have chosen us to represent their video segment. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in this growing field.



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