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By Doug Gritzmacher

Creative Director, Z-Channel Films, Denver, Colorado Google+

Wow! Hard to believe that since Wednesday, more than 3.5 million people have watched Skateboard Mom and the Sisters of Shred on Facebook! This is the nonprofit video production we produced for AARP.

AARP Executive Producer T.J. Cooney met us in Laguna Beach, CA. We spent the day with Barb Odanaka, who’s the leader of a band of female skaters, many of whom are older than 50. She’s a radical skater and a nice human being! (For more on Barb’s inspiration, see this ESPN article).

It was a one day shoot. First thing in the morning, we conducted a long master interview at Barb’s house to make sure we did that right. As cinematographer, Doug operated the C300 and I ran a Canon 5D as a second camera. T.J. asked questions.

The day’s highlight was at the Laguna Niguel Skate Park. The fisheye lens on the C300 at 60fps gave some cool pictures. Then I did my best devinsupertramp and chased the boarders around the bowl with my Glidecam. That was tiring, but fun! And it yielded some super smooth moving shots. The best GoPro stuff was not from a helmet cam or chesty, but when Barb just held it and pointed back at her face for some super slow-mo (30p 240fps).

Back in post, I wrote and edited. I went for some old surf and classic rock music from the 1970s to try and capture the era when Barb first fell in love with skateboarding.

I was impressed with the color correction that Doug was able to do. He successfully unified the look of five cameras — a C300, two 5Ds, and two GoPros. We went for a desaturated red-tinged look that emulated some 1970s-era skateboard magazines I got my hands on.

Producer T.J. Cooney was consistently positive and energetic, he was at home on set, and had great instincts in post. T.J. also produced some killer FX with designers Nan Z. Wang and Robert Kraiza.

“Skateboard Mom and the Sisters of Shred” is a short film for AARP, part of their “Fearless @ 50+” campaign. Watch it on Facebook.

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  1. You guys did an AMAZING job on the film! Everyone was such a pleasure to work with, and we were so stoked with the final result! Really cool music and graphics, too! Thanks so very much!!!

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