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Proof That Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

Proof that Video Marketing Can Help Your Business


By Stephanie Clarke

While many people have focused on the internet as a mute form of marketing content, statistics have demonstrated that video marketing is the right way to go for businesses. A recent study found that 63 percent of businesses have begun using video marketing techniques to enhance their business’ products or features. Of those businesses, 82 percent think that video marketing is a vital part of their marketing strategy. Eighty-three percent of the businesses surveyed think that video marketing gives them a good return on their investment. Wondering why working with a video production company for video marketing is so crucial to your business? Keep reading for more investment on why video marketing techniques are so important.

Use of Video Marketing Increases Sales

Research has found that when companies use video on their business’ landing page it has the ability to increase sales from customers who were already interested in their product as well as customers who are merely browsing through their website. Some of the research has held that when videos are used, sales can increase by as much as 80 percent. The research also shows that in nearly every category of sales and service, the conversion ratio is positive. For example, marketing videos aimed at gifts and gift buying increased the CVR (conversion ratio) by 113 percent. The conversion ratio for video marketing aimed at electronics was over 100%, and the ratio for consumer video marketing of jewelry was 85 percent.

These figures are especially compelling in light of the research on product information or explanation videos. Studies have demonstrated that if a customer watches a video about a product to get an explanation or get information about the product they will purchase that product 74 percent of the time.


Customers and Trust

Not only do marketing videos sell products and services, research indicates that the use of videos promotes trust between the customer and the business. In fact, over 50 percent of customers who watched business videos said those instructional or informational videos increased the level of trust of the business. This figure is especially true if customers believe businesses created the video production to provide information for the potential customer, especially if the videos are interesting and engaging.


Your Business Will Be Higher in a Google Search

Research has shown that if you use videos embedded on your website you are over 50 times more likely to appear higher in Google search results, which is the most widely used search engine in the world. The likelihood of your business profile showing up even higher on the search engine is enhanced if you also post your video on YouTube as well. If you have a YouTube channel, your profile is ranked even more highly. Other ways to raise your profile on Google is to make sure your videos are linked to other features of your website, the products that you offer or your services. Professional video marketing companies can make sure your SEOs are in place.

Mobile Users Love Videos As Well

Business research shows that 90 percent of people watch videos on their mobile phone, and this is especially true of younger generations. In fact, statistics from YouTube note that mobile video watching rises 100% each year, which means that hundreds of millions of people are watching videos during the course of a year.  Because research from Google suggests that smartphone use is only going to increase, both in the number of people who watch mobile videos as well as the number of people who feel a closer connection to videos they watch on their mobile phones.

Engagement of Consumers and Social Media Options

Even the laziest consumers will sit and watch a video, even if they can’t be bothered to engage on the phone via text or chat. Sometimes, consumers aren’t so much lazy as they are busy. Because time is of the essence, videos that are short, professionally done and entertaining are especially well received and can move even the laziest customers towards a purchase.

Many people also choose to share videos through social media. Industry reports have indicated that nearly 75 percent of social marketing agencies use video content and shared it on social media. Because so many people have shared videos on social media platforms, the platforms themselves have grown and adapted to the use of video. For example, both Facebook and Twitter now have live video features embedded in their sites. Snapchat also has available videos. These quick little videos are a great way to get out your product or service. In addition, research has shown that if your video is entertaining, 76 percent of people in a recent survey said they would share the video with their friends, which is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

Before you automatically decide that video marketing isn’t the right move for your business, think about how many times you see a video during the course of the day. How often does visual content change your mind about something? If video marketing is able to change your mind, think what it will do for your customers!

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