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Finished Your Documentary Film? Forget About the Distributor

  • September 27, 2016
Digital Documentary Film Platforms ITunes, Amazon, And Netflix

I hate clutter in my email inbox so I am extremely selective about what I might subscribe to. "Nofilmschool" is one of those weekly emails that have made my cut. They consistently provide high quality articles and news relevant to the filmmaking industry, whether documentaries, feature films, or commercials. One of the most intriguing articles they have produced arrived in my inbox this week. It is titled, "How We Made $1.5 Million Self-Distributing: The 6-Step Playbook."┬áMind you, this was for a documentary film, not a dramatic feature film. In today's documentary film climate, unless you are Michael Moore or Davis Guggenheim, this is absolutely unheard of. Nearly every documentary film loses money. How do I know this? I've produced documentary films. I have many, many…

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