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  • December 8, 2015
Doug Gritzmacher And Steve Dorst With Rock N Roll In San Francisco For AARP.

After making "Skateboard Mom and the Sisters of Shred"  as part of our nonprofit video production services for AARP in October, Doug and I were eager to get to San Francisco for another off-the-wall, inspirational story — Real Life Superhero, anyone? We arrived Tuesday morning at Roxanne Cai's house near San Francisco. She's a massage therapist, a wife, and a mom. But she's also a former bouncer, an avid motorcyclist, and a singer in a band ("The Filthy Mudbloods"). Most importantly, for us, Roxanne co-founded the California Initiative back in 2011. The group promotes community safety in San Francisco—all the while dressed as real life superheroes. Her nom de super héro: "Rock N Roll." I was a little skeptical at first, but Rock N Roll's results speak for…

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