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“The Care They’ve Earned” Documentary Film Now On Amazon!


By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Video Production

Last year I had the pleasure of collaborating on a documentary feature film with director Justin Springer called “The Care They’ve Earned“. After three months of public screenings at movie theaters across the country, the film is now available on Amazon!

The film features the stories of five veterans as they struggle to receive proper care from the Veterans Health Administration. Justin was sought out by the film’s producers who had seen his previous film “Along Recovery“, which chronicled veterans struggling with TBI (traumatic brain injury). Justin is a veteran himself having served two tours of duty in Iraq.


Great Documentary presented in an even handed manner. Real, true stories of veterans and the care they received from the Veterans Administration upon their return home from deployment or training. The stories are told by the veterans themselves, in their own words. Powerful, emotional, riveting. Must Watch!

-Allen McCormack, member


Justin and I became acquainted several years ago through Denver’s video production community. We’ve worked together on several commercials and client videos. He had seen a liked my two previous documentary films, “G.I. Jobs” and “Soldiers of Paint” (now available on Vimeo!), both of which also feature veterans and veteran-related issues. When he got the offer to direct “The Care They’ve Earned” he approached me to edit the film and help him write it. Being a big fan of “Along Recovery” myself, I eagerly agreed and we proceeded to work together for the next seven months on the film.

As with any documentary, who you chose to feature as subjects in your film will make or break it. No manner of cinematography or slick editing will overcome weak subjects. For that reason, Justin worked tirelessly to source out five people from around the country who were engaging, had powerful stories, and could provide a cross-section of experiences with the VA, all the while balancing the desires of the producers. The five people we settled on are the real stars of this film. 

It proved to a fun and fruitful collaboration and I look forward to working Justin on a future documentary film.


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