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Trends in Corporate Video Production


By Stephanie Clarke

As 2018 closes, we take a look at the trends that have emerged in corporate video production over the past year. What’s hot? Which corporate video trends are going to continue to grow for 2019? Keep reading to find out. 

Live Video Streaming

By April 2016, Facebook had enabled live video streaming across all devices. Corporations have been steadily adding it to their marketing repertoire since to the point where now, in a recent survey, respondents in the business community said that live video is a significant part of their corporate marketing efforts, both now and in the future. A whopping 95 percent of the business groups surveyed said that they plan to use live video streaming for their business by the end of 2019. Folks, it’s safe to say video streaming is here.

So how can you leverage live corporate video streaming for your own business? Here are some ideas. 

• How-to videos for new products can replace the manual, which, let’s face it, is never adequate and usually frustrating.

• Introductions for new staff hires can present them with a warm, friendly face and a personal touch on their first day. 

• Connecting with corporate offices and branches located in other areas can save time and money on travel expenses. 

• Broadcasting a guest-speaker or special event to customers and employees can be a cost-effective substitute for a conference or meeting. 

• A live video stream of a product announcement to your social media followers (i.e, customers) can attract more attention and create a bigger “event” than an email. 

Some businesses are putting short, live how-to video productions for new products on their social media feeds. Other businesses are using live streaming video to introduce new campaigns or products. If you want to grab attention, you may want to think about hiring a professional corporate video production company to manage a live video feed for you. 


Homepages with Video

Like the live video streaming, corporate videos on homepages has origins elsewhere, but have spread like wildfire into the business world. Corporate video on homepages are especially popular for business websites that work in a visual industry, such as fashion, home interiors, design, and architecture. But you don’t have to produce a highly visual product to warrant a homepage corporate video. Even service-oriented businesses can benefit. It’s become a way to show that your business is hip and modern immediately when a customer lands on your website. 

Corporate video on homepages do have their detractions. They are auto-play, which some customers may find annoying or at the very least distracting. They can also add a lot “weight” to your website, which begets slower loading times, which begets a possible ding in your Google ranking (Google used your website speed as one metric out of many for determining where your business website ranks in search). 

That extra weight on your site can also cause problems for mobile users and/or people trying to access your website using a connection other than with broadband (such as LTE). So when you work with a corporate video production company, you will want to make sure you get a video that is compressed properly to optimize loading speeds. 


Branded Content 

Video branded content is a video funded and/or produced by a business that, and this is key, may not feature any of that company’s products or services. Crazy talk? It may seem counter-intuitive to spend a not insignificant chunk of money on a video where your product is nowhere to be seen. 

But the strategy has become popular as a way to reach customers who today are incredibly media savvy and can sniff out a sales pitch in half a second. Product placement in movies and TV shows has been a trend now for several years as a way to get around this. Branded content has the same goal, but it is new and different, which means it is more likely to catch the attention of smart customers. 

Procter and Gamble caused a bit of a stir last year when they released a video production ad called “The Talk.” This corporate video is exhibit A for a branded video content strategy.

Nowhere in the video does a P&G product appear. No diapers. No soap. Just two African-Americans talking about a racial issue. P&G’s logo appears at the end, signaling to the audience that this is an issue they care about.

So instead of selling their product, P&G is selling their concern, with the hope that that connects with potential customers and gives them a larger reason to use P&G products other than for purely functional or practical reasons. Giving the customer something more to buy into when they buy a product has increased as a marketing tactic for advertisers looking to connect with customers, especially younger ones.

It is crucial that any video part of a campaign like this feels authentic. You can’t sell concern with a corporate branding video that is cheesy, has low production value, or feels forced or staged. Authentic storytelling is something we specialize in with our corporate video production services in Denver


“Live” Experience Marketing

We saved the most interesting new video trends for last.

Several companies have tried a different way to advertise their products through a process called experiential marketing. This type of marketing allows people to have experiences with the products via interactive websites or videos before they buy the product. Cleaning product businesses and car manufacturers have grabbed attention with video production marketing tied to social media and websites for a comprehensive, all-inclusive campaign around a general theme or product. You may want to try this type of marketing for a new product launch or a new service that you have not had previously. Experiential marketing has proven to be extremely successful, especially when you consider that younger viewers are looking for more than just a product–they want an experience with the product, and one they can then share with their friends via social media. 

So, if you are looking for a new way to market your product, business or service, you may want to consider some of these recent trends in corporate video marketing. Talking with a corporate video marketing company will help you flesh out some of your new ideas for the new year. 


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