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What Is A Promotional Video?

What is a Promotional Video?


By Stephanie Clarke

If you want to spread the word about how great your business is there may be nothing better than a promotional video for introducing your potential customers to your business. You may have an idea of a promotional video, but absolutely no idea how to get started. We have extensive experience producing promo videos in the Denver market, so keep reading below for an introduction into what promotional videos are and how to get one up and running for your company.

What’s A Promotional Video?

Promotional videos are quite simply a way for a business to create buzz about themselves or about a product. You are trying to come across in a promotional video in a positive light, and trying to excite customers about your product or about your business.

It may be that you have one promotional video about your company or several promotional videos that discuss different company aspects or products.

What Are Some Steps to Creating a Promotional Video?

There are several steps to creating a promotional video. First, you need to sit down and think about the goals of your video. Most videos today are kept short to maintain short attention spans. So you may want to think about one goal at a time.

For example, if you are a fairly new business and you want to introduce customers to your business, you may want to do a video that discusses your business brand and the mission or vision of your business.

Or perhaps you are introducing a brand new product for your business and you want your customers to know about it. You may also have an entirely new line of products that may be unfamiliar to your customers and you may want to do a video to explain your product and how great it is.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a promotional video, be sure you have your goals clearly in mind before you begin work on your video.

Choosing A Direction for Your Promotional Video

After you have a goal for your video you will need to choose a direction that you want your video to take. The direction of your video is directly aligned with your goals. If you are a fairly new company who is interested in creating a video to introduce yourself to your customer base, then your video should be an introduction video. Your video should explain what your business is and what it does. Depending on your business, you could also market your video as a comedy or in an entertaining way. There are many different directions your video could go in, such as problem/solution (or old way/new way), product explanation or product-focus, a narrative story, testimonial, informational, or celebrity endorsement. It is important to make sure the goals and direction of your video are complementary.

Promotional Video Tone

After you determine the goals and direction of your promotional video, you will need to set the tone of the video. In other words, how do you want your audience to feel when they are watching your video? You need to think about what emotions you want your audience to experience. Do you want your audience to get a laugh out of your video and remember it? Do you want your audience to be moved to action or do you want them to be moved into action? You need to create a tone within your video to capture and retain your audience’s interest. Whatever mood you decide to create, be sure that it aligns with your video’s goals and creative direction. For example, if you are introducing your small craft brewery to audiences and you want to display your hip, fun choices, your video tone should be light and funny.

Promotional Video Budget

Finally, there’s something else you need to consider — your budget. If you have a small budget you will need to laser-focus your goals as costs may dictate that you will only have one chance to get it right. If you have a decent-sized budget to work with then you can consider doing ads of different lengths for both TV and the internet. You may also be able to afford to spend more money to make sure your video is high quality and do alternate takes of the same concept to test how your audience responds.

Are you looking for a Denver video production company to help produce a promo video for your business?


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