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What Is The Difference Between A Corporate Video And A Marketing Video?

What is the Difference Between a Corporate Video and a Marketing Video?


By Stephanie Clarke

If you are operating a business, and you need to make a video, you may think that all videos made for business are the same. However, there are significant differences in the types of video productions made for businesses and you need to be sure that the video you get is going to do the job you need. Not sure what kind of video that would be? Keep reading to learn more about the difference between the two major types of videos for businesses—the corporate video and a the marketing video.


What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are intended to sell or describe a company, without describing a particular product. Corporate videos describe the history of the company. They also describe a company’s mission to their shareholders or their community. Often, the vision of the company and their future aspirations are also described. When a company does a corporate video, it is because they want their viewers to understand the values of the company, and the overall company culture.

Corporate videos are meant to explain the company to people who may not be familiar with the company. They may be used as an introductory video to prospective employees as well as prospective clients. Companies may also use corporate videos as a way to explain the company’s mission and vision for their communities as a whole. When people understand the overall culture of a company, they are better able to identify with the company.

This is an example of a corporate video we produced. It is introducing the business—in this case, a nonprofit—to the viewer and communicating the business’ mission.


Why a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are meant to convey a message of introduction to customers who are not already familiar with the company. The video could be used for several purposes if it is produced strategically. For example, a corporate video production could be used when the company is looking to expand to new markets, or when the company is trying to sell its corporate culture to prospective employees or customers. If the company is trying to sell its overall business plan, mission, vision, and company values, a corporate video is the way to go.

Corporate videos also can communicate important details about that organization to others and is part of a top-shelf presentation. It allows the company to position its values, assets and products against its competition, and helps to differentiate it from other companies. Finally, the purpose of a corporate video should leave the viewer trust in your organization. Your potential vendors, clients, customers, business partners, and shareholders should feel confident and positive about beginning or continuing a relationship with your company, and you want them to leave the room looking forward to a future business relationship with your company.

You may want to think about using your corporate video as an introduction for a specific presentation. It may be that you want to use a corporate video before a financial presentation to shareholders, or a technical presentation for other businesses or vendors. The video could also be an intro for potential partners or government agencies. You might even want to have the video translated into different languages and used with your international clients. This video may be the first opportunity a potential client has to see your business up close, so you need to make the most of it.


Marketing Videos

While corporate videos sell your business, marketing videos are used to sell a product or service. Marketing videos are also used to market an event or an attraction. While a decent marketing video can generate some interest in your product, a cleverly marketed video can create buzz about your product, and can even produce its own news articles if it is good enough. Marketing videos highlight the reasons why a consumer needs a product, why a product is useful, and why the product might be so important.

Unlike corporate videos, which are usually longer than five minutes, marketing videos can be as short as a minute and usually never exceed five minutes. Rather than a general overview that should exhibit a general feeling about a company, a marketing video is looking to deliver a quick hit about a product to get your target audience excited about what you have to offer.

Successful marketing videos deliver a quick bite or a quick hit to make your product memorable. This tactic makes sense if you think about the impact some commercials or marketing videos for a specific product have had over the years. For example, if you start humming a bar from a familiar commercial, or a catch phrase, how many people can echo you, or make a comment about the commercial? A lot, which explains why marketing videos are so impactful.

Whether you are going for a long-term, impactful corporate video, or the quick strike of a marketing video, make sure you find a Denver video production company to do business with that understands both.

Promotional videos are probably the most common type of video, especially when it comes to TV or online video marketing. The key objective of a promotional video is quite simple— it’s designed to promote your product, service, event or attraction. If the video is clever enough, it can generate a buzz or hype, encouraging viewers to become more interested in what the video is promoting. With this type of video being product specific, it can be used to highlight a product’s main usage and merits. An online promotional video has become an indispensable component in marketing campaigns. These campaigns cannot propagate without including a video in their strategy. The public sometimes treats the absence of an online video presence with suspicion. Promo videos are typically short, usually between one and four minutes. Sometimes they are similar to traditional adverts with a clear call to action and sometimes the message is more subtle and implied with brand awareness being the main goal.

This is an example of a marketing video we produced. It is marketing a specific neighborhood for Coldwell Banker.


A corporate video is a specific kind of video designed to be part of the corporate image of an organization. It is a high-level presentation of the organization. A corporate video communicates key aspects of the organization’s values, philosophy, and ethics, as well as showcasing product ranges or spread of services. It should position the company’s values, assets and product mix against those of its competitors. A corporate video encapsulates the corporate philosophy of a company, its flavor, essence and difference.

Your corporate video should make the viewer respect your organization, feel positive and confident about engaging in a relationship with you, and look forward to doing business with you.


A corporate video is used to deliver a high level message about a company, prior to a more specific presentation—financial, technical, shareholder, etc. It can kick off an AGM, or a business-to-business sales pitch, a presentation to potential partners or to government authorities. When translated into different language versions it will give a company or an organization international reach.


Target audiences for a corporate video productions:

  • Shareholders
  • Investors–institutional and individual
  • Analysts
  • Brokers
  • Bankers
  • Clients/Customers
  • Governments/Legislators
  • Potential Business Partners
  • Potential JV Partners
  • Employees


This is a video designed to help get a prospect over the line and close the deal.


A sales video is a video used in a presentation to help the salesperson or sales team make a specific sale, or on a website to help move the customer through to an online purchase.

A sales video usually sets the scene for a more detailed technical, financial, or logistical sales presentation or a customer-specific proposal.

A sales video usually contains a more detailed look at your products/services, facilities, after-sales service and support, and testimonials, with the objective of making the potential customer confident about making the purchase, closing the deal, processing the transaction, and eager to give you cold hard cash for what you are offering.

A sales video will emphasize the quality and utility of the product, and your organization’s ability to deliver the right product with excellent service and support. The result is a prospect who is ready and willing to buy the goods.


A sales video can be delivered as part of a face-to-face sales meeting or pitch, or to potential customers/clients online.

When used by a salesperson or sales team, it can open the presentation, to be followed by a more specific proposal tailored to the prospect’s requirements. When used online, its job is to deliver a sales pitch which results in the prospect hitting the buy now button. It can also be used in-store at point of purchase.


Target audiences for a sales video are:


  • Potential customers/clients
  • Sales staff (for training)
  • Online customers


  • Potential customers online and in store


(This is the confusing one)

The term “marketing” is so loose and elastic it has come to include most aspects of sales as well as promotional, marketing, and advertising activities, as well as investor relations. Obviously, a phrase with so broad a range of meanings is pretty useless for communicating anything.

Similarly, the term “marketing video” is a catchall for any video which does any part of the sales, marketing, or investor communications job.


The old meaning of the term marketing video was a video about marketing.

The more usual meaning is any video which is used to communicate and enhance the perceived value of a product or service to potential customers or investors with the object of selling that product or service, or attracting investment (think Kickstarter videos).

Often a marketing video will perform just one part of an entire marketing matrix. As such, it has to dovetail with and complement a number of other marketing activities.

An online talking head video is a marketing video. So is a video that is so compelling, funny, dramatic or interesting that it “markets itself”–in that people will want to share it with others. This is the elusive viral video.

A corporate video could be called a marketing video. So could a sales video and a product video. A safety training video is NOT a marketing video. Though a sales training video might be considered a marketing video.

This kind of marketing video is any video that is part of that group of “marketing” activities which includes anything and everything that makes the likelihood of a sale more probable.




No one.

The point is, when you use the term “marketing video” its meaning is so broad and vague, only you know what type of video you’re talking about.


Do you need a corporate or marketing video for your business? See our corporate video production services to learn about how we can help you.


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